Ghost Novels

While reading this real quick to see
How it sounds there are novels waiting to be
Written to detail the poetry of
Life and womanhood
How many poems live unrealized between
The words written and re-
Written in text messages to the boys that never
Stole our hearts but our
Pictures maybe
I have never met a better diplomat than
A woman canceling a date
So many masterpieces exist in the space beneath my
Lungs as I bend over
Backwards to avoid the wrath of male
Fragility in America these days
I write and delete tweets that incite
Backlash and debate the efficacy of my silence more than the
Efficacy of my voice
I hold words in my hands and place them
Gingerly on the table before me
Amongst a council of women while we debate
The weighted outcome of what it is to
Speak our truth and what is it to
Speak the language of appeasement and in the
Meantime our souls remain mortal
Not immortalized in the context of the
Artistry of our rich rich minds

Author: Erica V.

Always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken.

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