It’s a question of coasts:
When staring at the sunset do I prefer to longingly face
Eastern or in a Western direction, where old days
Rest and live out their remaining time drinking coffee
Reading Le Monde and flirting with the
Moons that walk by on cobblestone streets?
Otherwise I’m drawn to new beginnings
Walking closer than ever to the dawn of time
Where death is never a factor and the sunrise is
Immortal like my greatest wishes
All that space in between feels like filler until
I remember that time is filled with people
There are boats and planes that move so fast I cannot
Touch them and I am here
Digging my toes into the sand wondering if it was possible
After all, to dig all the way to China and if I ever
Could have stopped once I arrived

Author: Erica V.

Always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken.

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