I inhale and sigh it out like
The sound of a cicada chirping
During a heatwave in July
Iced coffee and aspartame whistle
In a yellow car on Joralemon
The place where I was born
That lives within me and is
Moved to the Nth power when
The sun is high the car is hot
And Bon Jovi comes on the radio
These strip malls are littered in
My veins that map out streets
Connecting 21 to 3 to GSP to
All the numbers and exits we
Laugh at anyway
I feel the waves beat along the
Coastline and the solid bubbles of
Mini jellyfish that litter warm oceans
Making children squeal into wet sand
Pull another sandwich from the
Cooler and cover yourself from the
Seagulls ready and waiting
My heart sings with familiarity
Observing itself
Life is the same
Life is the same
Nothing ever changes and
Everything is always different

Author: Erica V.

Always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken.

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