Life or Death

This morning I had forgotten that
We weren’t real. You were going to
The movies, you said, and your palm
Grazed my elbow to confer a message,
Something like, “I promise to come home
Safe” because it takes bravery to send
Love out into the world never knowing
Fate. Primarily these days end tragically.
As the oceans dry up, the glaciers melt
And we cry new rivers and seas across
America because the landscape needs to
Respect our divisions that we so often
Choose to deny. These are the choices
Some of us must make: husband or
Child. Safety or death. The rules of seen
And not heard continue to expand,
Unannounced. What happens when war
Is not explicit, but feeds off of our
Invisible souls every day until we break
And fingers point, gnarled, away from the
Root of the cause? I can’t speak because this
Isn’t equal. Fairness was always implicit
But never actualized. You touch me, and I
Know you will return. Tomorrow is my luxury
Until we become real, whereas others
Are subsumed by the realness.

Author: Erica V.

Always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken.

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