The Crystal Grid

We have gathered around
The eternal fire of MacBook Pros
To usher in the latest installment
Of moon cycles, an upgrade to the
Test of time. To cast spells over the
Soft hum of Spotify, singing and dancing
Alone, together, stacked one on top
Of the other in apartment buildings
In cities that grow too small
The bigger they become. We have
Outgrown our humanity and are thus
Choosing to evolve in lightwaves,
Ambivalent to the long-term effects
Of our radioactive cells that seem to
Burn barriers in nanoseconds. I
Hold your hand from the harsh
Shores of the Atlantic Ocean
Until sparks fly overseas,
Rising up from South African coastlines
Or dancing, feet into earth,
Stuck in the humid Brazilian winter.
We are the circle, the global
Halo that exists seen and unseen.
We hum and the frequency changes,
The earth spins faster, we document
The power in hashtags.

Author: Erica V.

Always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken.

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