Women’s Day

My golden strands of hair
Fell into my eyes as I sat
Next to my mother in her
SUV on the way home from
Church when I asked her
How Mary had a baby when
She wasn’t married and how
Did the priests know that God
Was a man? My blood is nothing
If not honest to a fault
And my mother laughed with
Two hands on the steering wheel
And said she didn’t know,
Who knows these things?
Driving her truck in the direction
She was taught. The Pine
Barrens fled time alongside
The passenger car window and
In a blur I studied my mind
Deciding once and for all
That if women give birth then
The universe must be
Born from a woman, too.
A woman who laughed and
Tilted her head to brush the
Dark brown strands of wavy hair
From her face held in a
Perpetual expression of both
Fear, and something to be feared
Because mothers are nothing
If not those who encompass
All worlds and swallow contradictions
Whole in the face of fallacy.

Author: Erica V.

Always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken.

4 thoughts on “Women’s Day”

    1. Erica, I felt compelled to share this on my blog. I quoted your last four lines and mentioned this: Please enjoy this beautiful piece of writing. I’m quoting the last four lines, as they are powerful, yet I could have quoted any four of her lines and they’d be just as moving. Please visit Erica’s blog for the whole poem.

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