Dark Moon

Written after watching Gaycation.

We perpetually move towards
Lightness and darkness as the
World turns imperceptibly.
Some eyes have seen more
Darkness than others;
Some eyes have remained closed,
Have never seen the stars burn
Bright from across the immeasurable
Expanse of the universe in
Which we choose to live.
If we are made of the same
Elements as these gaseous flames
That can guide explorers of the
Darkest nights then we can
Understand the implacable hope
That is stoked in the universal
Chests of those who burn
Before their time and in their wake
Send us messages in smoke.
Messages like “Love”
Like “It gets better”
Like “Never let the bastards
Get you down” because you and I
Breath the same air across the
Universe and we are always moving
Towards the light even when it’s
Dark and even when our feet stand
Still on this moving earth,
When progress is imperceptible
But the constellations dance across
The sky and voyage consistently

Author: Erica V.

Always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken.

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