How To Fix a Sorry Day

Fold the last of your remaining blankets
And arrange them in a pile on the floor
In front of the radiator.
Turn up the heat and music.
Don’t fight the fears and worry
That are perpetually treading the
Surface of your mind, but
Lean your head back on the windowsill
And close your eyes.
The light will change the
Color of your eyelids from black
To white and the birds will begin
To chirp with magnificent fullness.
You will be transported outside
To the woods on a clear day.
You will embrace the uncertainty of
Lust and wanderings and inhale
The way the air smiles as birds
Dance and sing in the cold
Feathers ruffled until they
Rise above and straight into the pure blue.

Author: Erica V.

Always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken.

2 thoughts on “How To Fix a Sorry Day”

  1. I love this. As we age we can easily forget we have this ability. Things get overwhelming, shortness of time keeps us running, yet these moments are exactly what we need. Thanks for writing this. Just reading it made me feel as if I had already done exactly what you said.


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