Forgive the Tides

What do you want
And deserve? she asked.
As time passed the question
Became a moon controlling the
Tides as the thoughts waned
And waxed according to
Self-love and wisdom. It is
Difficult to remain in love
With yourself. Valerie Solanas said
Familiarity breeds contempt, that is
If one is contemptible. Strong
words from someone dressed
In human skin. Mirrors reflect
Ourselves because they can’t bear
To look into their own eyes.
We’re just mystical creatures wandering
In empty sockets looking to
Plug ourselves in to one
Another, looking for another
Reflection to turn away from.
It’s not contemptible.
It is the condition we
Are born within and it is the
Condition we cannot live without
Because there are no other words
No frameworks with which to
Measure ourselves in a mind
That turns over, restless, to
Reflect on self-worth, to request
Proofs when in fact there is
No proof. In fact the proof is
The question and what I want
And what I deserve are neither
Different nor the same thing.
What I want and what I deserve
Depends on the vantage point
Where the sun and moon are the
One dichotomy that remain
Fixed while moving on this
Soft rock. I wax and I wane
Until I am new. Until I deserve
Forgiveness and until I want
Someone to give it to.

Author: Erica V.

Always seriously joking and rambunctiously soft-spoken.

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